eWaterpay — ‘An oyster card for water’

By Joseph Dawson

One of four innovative ventures we are excited to host as part of the Frontier Technology Livestreaming launch event on 1st November is Staffordshire-based eWATERpay.

eWaterpay are working to provide a low cost, pre-paid water supply system to rural Africa. The challenges to delivering clean water to rural Africa such as collecting revenue to cover operation and maintenance costs in a transparent, accountable way, and monitoring water delivery systems for functionality, are met by eWATERpay through the innovative harnessing of three new technologies: LoRa (long range wireless networks), mobile money and NFC (contactless payments).

eWATERpay users purchase credit from local ‘eWATER sellers’, either through an integrated mobile money service, or more directly by simply touching their NFC-enabled ‘tag’ to the seller’s smart phone. To purchase water, these tags are touched to the eWATERpay taps, which dispense water at an affordable cost of 1p/20L, which is deducted from the user’s credit. The use of NFC ensures that water is available 24/7, even if the mobile network goes down. Meanwhile, LoRa enables eWATERpay to capture monitor huge volumes of data on functionality and sales, facilitating prompt maintenance, transparency and continuous learning.

Check out this video to learn more about how eWATERpay uses Internet of Things to connect remotely to water pumps and capture usage and health data on the pump, so that maintenance issues can be anticipated in advance.