Frontier Tech Talks: User Insights on Sensitive Topics

Asad Rahman
Feb 4 · 2 min read

“We wanted to understand first hand young people’s sexual behaviours, their fears and motivations, from where they access information on sex and pleasure, and their experience purchasing sexual health products”

“We realised that our gender matching approach (males interviewing males, females interviewing females) wasn’t working”

“We made use of private voting exercises, in a booth”

For our sixth Frontier Tech Talk, we were joined by Christine and Wycliffe from Population Services International (PSI), who have been working on two sexual health pilots with the Frontier Technologies Hub in Kenya: implementing ‘smart’ contraceptive vending machines, and a sexual health and wellbeing chatbot.

She discussed the pilot’s journey, giving practical tips to anyone looking to gain reliable and actionable insights into users of their product or service. It’s particularly relevant for anyone working in a sensitive topic area.

You can listen to the webinar, and view Wycliffe and Christine’s presentation by clicking here.

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