FTL has been awarded the Civil Service Award for Innovation

Last night at the Civil Service Awards Ceremony at Lancaster House, the Frontier Technology Livestreaming team picked up the Civil Service Award for Innovation, on behalf of Frontier Technology Pioneers across DFID.

Pictured from left: Alex Chisholm, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS); Lea Simpson, Team Leader FTL; Tamara Giltsoff, Head of Innovation DFID; Steven Hunt, FTL’s Senior Responsible Owner, DFID and Magda Banasiak, Ideas to Impact’s Senior Responsible Owner, DFID

The Civil Service Award for Innovation “recognises a team that has sought new and better ways of doing things and taken sensible risks to improve outcomes and successfully address an issue or challenge.” This can be through innovative approaches to policy-making and delivery; challenging the status quo; or new approaches leading to a step-up from business-as-usual.

On behalf of all our partners and Frontier Technology Pioneers across DFID, we are incredibly proud to be acknowledged with the award. Congratulations to the other nominees and winners from the night.

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