Get to know our team: Steven Hunt

Role on Frontier Technology Livestreaming

Senior Responsible Owner (SRO)



What is your role on the programme?

As the SRO on the DFID side I have overall responsibility and accountability for the programme.

This means I need to keep an overview of the range of activities ongoing, ensure that all the various team members and participants have what they need and are interacting effectively, that we’re moving towards the programme objectives, learning and adapting.

What frontier tech do you believe is going to have the biggest impact on international development?

All the technologies we are working with, and covered in the 10 Frontier Technologies for International Development Report, have the potential to have a range of different kinds of impacts — some on improving practice and value for money in development work, others on reaching people with services in new ways, or making things differently.

In terms of sheer scale though, it’s hard to beat the potential of airships and their potentially transformational effect on flexible low carbon delivery of heavy goods and people across areas with poor road infrastructure.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Although I’m a civil servant at DFID now, my first degree is in Product Design Engineering jointly from Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art.

My first job after university was designing products like inhalers, printers and handheld devices at TTP in Cambridge.

We will be highlighting the members of our team here on Frontier Technology Livestreaming so please check back over the next few months to meet the whole crew!

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