Localisation of Production with 3D Printing & Digital Platforms in Nepal

3D printing in action

Supply chains in Nepal are incredibly challenging even at the best of times. Though small, Nepal is a landlocked, mountainous country with a long monsoon and a limited road network.

Recent events such as the two major earthquakes and the border blockade last year have focused attention on the costs, fragility and complexity of supplying highly dispersed, remote communities and even urban centres. Imported goods cannot always reach their intended markets, especially at times of greatest need or demand. Many potential customers are under-served — including clinics, schools and farms — so they must either find ways to cope or to simply do without.

3D Printing techniques have the potential to meet supply chain demands where and when they are needed.

This project will explore what we’re starting to call the Factory of the Future to by testing the viability of contracting a Makernet to provide medical implements in earthquake affected areas.

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