UAVAid — leading the UK in the development of drone technology

By Luisa Ernst

As part of the Frontier Technology Event on 1st November, DFID is excited to host UAVAid, the UK leader in the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ‘drone’ technology specifically optimised for international development and disaster response applications.

UAVs represent a leading Frontier Technology to provide next generation capability, capacity multiplication and reach extension across an extremely wide range of humanitarian assistance applications, at low cost and high operational flexibility.

The UAVAid world-class system is uniquely designed as a multi-role platform, providing aid workers with robust aid delivery capability and a flexibility to respond to changes in local needs. It can deliver packages of up to 10kg, 150km away, rapidly map remote regions, and has over 6hrs loiter time of live aerial video surveillance for disaster assessment, border and infrastructure monitoring, fisheries protection etc. It is specifically optimised for rapid deployment and operation in low infrastructure environments, making it ideally suited to support efforts in developing countries, areas of poor infrastructure and challenging environments.

As part of the event, the UAVAid team displayed their technology demonstrator aircraft, and showcased the operational platform currently undergoing overseas environmental testing. Don’t miss out this video to learn more about the step-changes UAVAid has achieved in capacity to deliver at long-range distance and for long ‘loiter time’ surveillance and low cost mapping.