Attorney General Schuette Stands Up for Kids in DetroitSubject

October 6, 2016

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette just did what far too few politicians in Lansing have been willing to do over the last 50 years — he stood up for kids in Detroit.

Schuette last week issued a formal legal opinion declaring that the recent Detroit Public Schools bailout gave the state School Reform Office the power to close at the end of the year any Detroit school that performed in the lowest 5 percent in the state for three straight years.

“The law is clear: Michigan parents and their children do not have to be stuck indefinitely in a failing school,” said the Attorney General. “Detroit students and parents deserve accountability and high performing schools. If a child can’t spell opportunity, they won’t have opportunity.”

The formal opinion was requested by Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof and House Speaker Kevin Cotter, after others in Lansing, including the Governor, tried to create a loophole in the law that would have kept children in Detroit trapped in failing schools for 3 more years.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, teachers union bosses and bureaucrats at DPS had hoped to keep kids locked into these failed schools — and millions of dollars in per-pupil funding locked into their local bank accounts.

The Attorney General (with an assist from Meekhof and Cotter) put his foot down and reminded everyone in Detroit and Lansing what public education is really about — educating kids.


Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

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