Frontstack Event Recap — Writing Modern CSS

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3 min readFeb 28, 2019


Frontstack is a conference organised by myself, Ire Aderinokun, with the mission to grow the developer ecosystem by creating exposure to front-end technologies.

On Tuesday 26th February 2019, we held the third ever Frontstack event. Following on from our first two events which were about Responsive Web Design and How to use APIs, this was about a favourite topic of mine, Writing Modern CSS!

What happened?

In this event, we had four sessions by four amazing speakers, who covered all the shiny new features of CSS.

An Introduction to Modern CSS

The first talk of the day was an introduction to modern CSS, led by Emmanuel Aina. He gave us a nice taste of everything relevant today from Flexbox to Grid to CSS Variables to Feature Queries and much much more.

CSS Grid: A How-To Guide

After the introduction, Jemima Abu gave us a much more in-depth guide to CSS Grid. We dug deep into the syntax and got our hands dirty with a codelab, led by the audience themselves!

Modern CSS Codelab

Next, we consolidated all the knowledge we learned in the previous sessions with a codelab led by myself, Ire Aderinokun. In the codelab, we used modern CSS techniques such as Grid, Flexbox, and CSS Variables, to recreate the layouts of Twitter and YouTube.

After that, we had a coding challenge to build a spreadsheet layout using CSS Grid. The winner of the coding challenge went home with the highly coveted Progressive Web Apps book written by Jason Grigsby!

Understanding CSS Houdini — An Authentic Cartoon Guide

To close out the event, Ohans Emmanuel introduced us to the magic of CSS Houdini! He used cartoons to break down the why and how of CSS Houdini, which allows us to create our own CSS values!

Who attended?

~70 people in total attended the conference.

Breakdown by Gender

  • 63.2% Male
  • 26.5% Female
  • 10.3% Didn’t answer

Breakdown by Employment Status

  • 29.4% Employed
  • 27.9% Student
  • 14.7% Unemployed
  • 5.9% Other
  • 22.1% Didn’t answer

Attendee feedback

Some lovely feedback from the attendees :)

Thank you sponsors, speakers, and volunteers! 💖

This event won’t have been possible without the amazing speakers — Emmanuel Aina , Jemima Abu, and Ohans Emmanuel. I’d also like to say a special thanks to Blessing Krofegha who helped out on the day and to Dapson Photography for capturing the event (see all the pictures from the event 📸).

Finally, thank you to the following sponsors that helped make the event a reality — BuyCoins, Google, and myself 😊!