Product update: Export to WordPress

We are improving Froont on a daily basis. This is where you’ll find our updates big and small on what’s new regularly.

Today we are announcing a new feature — any Froont page can be exported to WordPress. It’s a part of our new Publisher plan. The feature allows you to publish custom designed pages within your existing site.

WordPress themes are great as long as each page follows your theme. But creating the custom design is painful. The Publisher Plan is just about that. It’s made for media publishers who want to create custom pages for articles or simple landing pages. Of course, you don’t have to be in the media business to use it. As long as you have WordPress, Froont can help you break out of the limitations of your template.

What’s in the package

By upgrading to the Publisher Plan first of all, you get all the flexibility of Froont editor. You can use components from our library or create your own. You don’t have to be a developer to do that. Using code, you can expand the functionality even further. See how Froont works:

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We also added a new Publisher Library. It has most common blocks that can make an outstanding layout for your page.

And at last but not least the WordPress plugin.

Install the plugin on your site, and import pages created with Froont. It automatically creates a static page and places all the assets and files into your WordPress folders. After the import the page is totally independent from Froont and hosted on your side.

Download Froont for Wordpress plugin

Try it out

If you want to play around with the exported page, you can use our demo account API key for that. Or sign up to Froont and send us a message — we'll give you a trial so that you can test it out. If you decide to purchase the plan, we have a sweet discount for a limited time — get 30% off the regular price for the first three months. Use this coupon code PBLSHR.

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Sandijs Ruluks and the Froont team