Product update: Open images in a lightbox

We are improving Froont on a daily basis. This is where you’ll find our updates big and small on what’s new regularly.

We skipped couple of weeks for our product updates. That's because we are working one something awesome that we aren't quite ready to share yet. But just to tease you – it simplifies creating websites with Froont a lot!

Meanwhile there are new features in the Froont editor we love to share!

A new type of lightbox gallery

Now you can upload multiple images and display them as a gallery:

Upload multiple images and view them in a gallery

As usual this feature opens more possibilities that one might think. Of course you can use it to display a set of images instead of one. But there is more. Any link or a button can be used to open up the lightbox!

Show button opens a gallery of images

More updates and fixes

We are almost ready to launch our Froont Academy. It's a collection of short video tutorials that will help you getting started with Froont.

There are also few smaller updates to Froont.

  • Fix multiple password reset (removes the possibility to accidently reset password twice)
  • Load typekit font styles in shadow layer (fixes sizes and font preview in the editor)
  • Fix: when font family changes influence unconnected widgets
  • Fix: added gallery in the exported code
  • Free images are updated in the library featuring author's name

Thanks for reading! If you found it useful, please tap the ❤ below! ;)

Sandijs Ruluks and the Froont team