Weekly inspiration #8 : Kickstarter pages

Preparing a crowdfunding campaign? These templates will save time.
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Creating a great crowdfunding campaign isn’t easy. Working on the product, coming up with the content and driving traffic — it all takes time and effort. And then the landing page as well. Often there is little time left for that.

That’s what happened with my friend Laura. Few days before going live with her campaign for senscommon she needed help with the landing page (be sure to check it out, it’s a great product!)

We helped her to set a stunning page quickly. Now, when the campaign has successfully finished on Kickstarter, we also launched a new site for pre-orders.

If we can help one person, why not to help more people? So this week we are launching templates you all can use for your next crowdfunding campaign!

Click the pictures to view or clone the project

Why make a separate landing page if the Kickstarter already has one?

Good question! Having a separate page allows you to design it as you wish and collect valuable info about the traffic. There are more benefits:

  • You can launch ‘coming soon’ page long before the campaign starts and collect leads.
  • While the campaign is running, you can create separate landing pages for sub-campaigns. Find the right audience, or improve the message. It also simplifies tracking and segmenting your customers.
  • After the campaign, create a page where people can pre-order your product. Again, testing and improving the page as you go.

View the templates above, and if you feel that it fits your needs, go ahead and clone it. All templates are responsive and customizable. To add it to your project, simply copy and paste the parts you like.

Big thanks to Laura and senscommon for the permission of using their images here.

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