I knew you

Jul 13 · 1 min read

(in memory of Nico Millican and Jean)

I knew you

Like a familiar diner

The one I rarely go to

But the one I would see daily

As I drive to work

The one that felt like a part of

the fabric of this town

I knew you

Like the tree

That spirals up and out

In the center of the road

The one that gives you a bizarre sense of melancholy

When you noticed the branches have been trimmed too short

It’s funny how people you barely know

Can feel familiar

How faces in the background

Can blend into the scene

And make you feel a part of

You are a part of the ether now

You were once a part of us

You were familiar

A staple of a former time and group

A local misfit

The handsome one with the gold tooth

I knew you

Like a familiar place I drove by

One that wasn’t terribly close

Yet one that still creates sadness

At the birth of its ghost


in mid summer fires


Written by


@Tatiana pretty much everywhere. I see you. Early adopter. Later regretter.


in mid summer fires

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