Jul 20, 2019 · 1 min read

dedicated to my father.

12.12.49 — 12.13.08

There is a date

In the not-so-distant future

Where grief will meet you

Like a tsunami

A date that passes each year unnoticed

An idle date

A Monday in June

A Friday in December

Dates that mean nothing now

Dates that sit in traffic

That read bills

That gather dust like bookshelves

Dates that float by like the birthdays of strangers

But one day

This date will change everything

And you will be different

You will eat from the tree

Of sucker-punching grief

And suddenly understand

The pain of others

Who have had profound loss

And you’ll feel sorry for all the times you wondered

why they didn’t move on sooner

And you’ll feel the need for a vice

And you’ll feel the need for a friend

And you’ll feel the need for isolation

And you’ll wonder how all these years

You let this day pass

Without knowing it would be the day

That everything would change forever


in mid summer fires


Written by


@Tatiana pretty much everywhere. I see you. Early adopter. Later regretter.


in mid summer fires

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