sometimes you love

Sep 5 · 1 min read

Sometimes you love

For no reason

and for no happy ending

Sometimes you love

Because they emerged out of nowhere

Like a daydream

When you felt helpless

Sometimes you love

As emails go unanswered

As the phone never rings

As quarter notes fall emptily to the ground

Sometimes love is

more like a eulogy

than a


Sometimes love is a

hollow echo in a damp cave

It is deep

It defies polarities

It is conflicted

and hard to pin down

It is a risk and

A guarantee that

It will end in tears

Sometimes you love

for the memory

Thankful for what it was

A warm summer day

A pinkorangered sky

A long drive

With awkward silence

Knowing it will never be the same again

Sometimes you love

and that is enough.


in mid summer fires


Written by


@Tatiana pretty much everywhere. I see you. Early adopter. Later regretter.


in mid summer fires

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