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🎉Meet Gabriel, our newest Partner at Frst🎉

Frst is a seed-stage VC firm focused on supporting a new generation of French entrepreneurs with global ambitions.

Today is a special day for us at Frst, as we announce that Gabriel de Vinzelles has just been promoted to Partner.

This announcement will probably come as no surprise to those who already know him: since he joined in 2016, Gabriel has had a stellar personal growth curve.

Starting as an analyst focused on sourcing new investments, he quickly managed to build the right network and tooling to make sure we consistently stayed on top of every investment opportunity in the French ecosystem — granting him the unofficial but coveted title of “best sourcer in Paris”.

Gabriel then went on to source and lead his first investment in Castor in late 2020, soon followed by Polar, Snipfeed and Ulysse, as well as a few other still unannounced ones.

Among his many qualities, three things particularly stands out with Gabriel: his humility, his empathy and his curiosity. This allows him to really connect with Founders and build strong relationships based on trust and respect.

Having been a founder himself (he launched click&sign ( in 2013 while still at school) probably went a long way to nurture his humility and empathy — he has a first-hand understanding of the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

And as regards his curiosity — well suffice to say that he (used to? still?) reads Artificial Intelligence white papers for fun over the week-end. But more broadly he is an avid learner that has built an encyclopedic knowledge on tech and startups in a short period of time.

Pierre Entremont and myself could not be happier and prouder that Gabriel chose to make his first seed bet when he decided to join two lunatics claiming that we would soon see multi-billion dollar companies built out of the French ecosystem — what a wild ride this has been so far 😊!

Welcome to the partnership Gabriel, looking forward to keep building the Frst franchise together!

Pierre & Bruno





We are the first believers.

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Bruno Raillard

Bruno Raillard

Partner & Cofounder at Frst

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