Frugal and Freelancing Open to Submissions

Tell your savings-savvy story in Frugal and Freelancing

Frugal and Freelancing has one goal — to help you save money so you can continue to pursue your freelancing career. We all know that freelancing isn’t easy, and it doesn’t always pay the big bucks. That’s why we have the tips, tricks, and personal experiences to share so that you can learn ways to set yourself up for financial success.

Ready to submit a piece to Frugal and Freelancing? Please check out these submission guidelines:

  1. Please read Medium’s Distribution Standards first to get a better understanding of what Medium wants, what gets read, and how to avoid violating any of the site’s policies with your content, especially if you haven’t published on Medium before.
  2. Previously Published Work: Frugal and Freelancing accepts previously published work as long as it was published outside of Medium, and you hold the rights to republish. You may also link back to the original publication at the end of the article.
  3. Include photos and credits: Please provide at least one photo with your submission and provide proper credit to the creator in the caption. (Use this article’s photo as an example).
  4. To be added as a writer, please comment on this article asking to be added to the writer list. Being added as a writer does not guarantee publication.
  5. The content we are looking for: Ways to save money and spend less; tools that will help you navigate personal/business expenses; personal experiences on living the life you want while working in a job with non-traditional and unpredictable income
  6. Content we are NOT looking for: Get rich quick schemes; “How I made $X on Medium last month and you can too”; massive amounts of referral links
  7. Referral Links: Referral links can be included in your articles but should be limited to one link in a call to action at the end of your article. An exception to this rule would be a list-type article that provides different product/service options, but referral links should still be used sparingly.
  8. If you have any further questions before submitting, please leave a comment on this post and your question will be addressed by one of the editors as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to see your work!



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