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Diary Entry 23
Date: 22/04/2133
Time: 11.30 PM, Soviet Universal Standard

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Bored and tired.

That is all I can write. Just bored and tired.

And I am struggling with this newfangled diary. Comrade Rishinov, suggested to me to do this! May God punish him fully… The idea that this would help me reflect and get me to improve my mental health is a garbage idea.

But, but, but these negotiations are going well. In the first Cold War we lost China. In our stupid arrogance we handed, to the United States, China on a silver platter!

In this new Cold War we need to hold onto China. Well… Mean language. We need to work with China. It is very clear that the Communist sphere, if it means anything nowadays… has two Earth centers, Moscow and Beijing. Well… and the basket case South Africa. Ha. They think that now Cape Town is the “Third Center” of International Communism, when in reality they are propped up by China! A weird black supremacist state, attempting to do true Communism against white imperialism. Excuse me! Greater South Africa…

The reality is that, what our friends there don’t want to admit… is that capitalism is both a staple in the USSR and in the PRC… small and medium sized businesses are virtually independent. Only the GSA is trying to make everything Communist. What a farce.

I suppose here is the situation, where our Beijing partners disagree. China controls half of Africa, while NATO controls the other half. The jungles with their wast nature reserves are the buffer states. One is a legacy of French colonialism in the 21st century while the other, is China’s legacy of liberation… colonialism in the lower half. Then there was the French-Chinese war over Africa which ended with the European Union being pressed together into the United States of Europe, as a response to the formation of the new USSR.

China wants to keep the GSA, it gives them massive influence.

We want South Africa dropped. Their obsession over exterminating the white race, scares us. And their obsession over Stalinism… yes… Stalin was black. But colonialism lies! Or something they screech about. They are people who lost complete touch with reality. They claim that witch doctor science can out preform ‘western’ science with a lightning bolt. Well… they can have their lightning Gods, I take a good old AK232 every day!

China accuses us of Russian timidness, where we either don’t engage or overreact, like in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Funny to think that now, they are an SSR. And the solution was very easy too! We control the cities, while the countryside of Afg., is defacto independent. The village elders are in charge there. We provided Persia and Afg. flexibility, and we gained our warm water ports! Forget about Europe! We have Belarussia and Ukraine, the USE have the Baltic states and Moldova. As the Hungarian ambassador told me: “Who tries to grasp everything in their grip, loses everything at the end!” The current SSRs actually want to be in the Union. Which I am always happy about.

After all Earth has an uneasy peace, while in space… the Cold War still rages on.

I am still hungry, despite the snacks. I should have stayed for the extra hour! I quite stupidly missed dinner. Especially that this was the re-selection speech of Ambassador Chen, he was quite grumpy about me leaving early. As he told me: “Yeah… Yeah… Mars business, maybe the Americans found their little green men, hiding in the sand… they probably trying to flog them used cars…”

I was quite annoyed myself, having to leave especially when the dinner would have been finished off with a Peking Opera. At least the production is not the Red Poppy…

I hated leaving…

But this crisis on Mars needs to be solved! The Americans dare to accuse us of attacking one of their mining bases! Excuse me, Halliburton’s Mining Base. This should be a problem of their companies! Not their precious CIA! And they want to negotiate in secret! Because it is their “national security issues”, well their government despite being ‘Democratic’ is in the grip of massive private Capital interests. Their companies might as well just take over and run the place! We have state firms, we don’t allow them to have private militaries, where they could just launch a corporate coup d’état! They are sufficiently castrated here.

But I do wonder about Mars. And what went down there. The Americans were sufficiently angry. But the problem was, that when I asked all the people I properly know in the KGB, I just got confused looks and surprise. If the attack is true, the KGB is running amok. I might complain about the USA having Big Business, ha, we have the problem with the Big Intelligence Agency. Even the CIA has limits, our people don’t.

Eh, when I was a young officer. We had this case… for which I am still taking anti-PTSD pills for… completely KGB bought and payed for.

There was this remote base…

Which was set up as a fake clinic. Its aim was to collect DNA world wide and study how it could be altered to upgrade the human body…

Space is a trying environment. So is Mars, Venus, lets not talk about the further reaches of the planets! So the human body decays and injures easily. There was this thinking to make the human body more durable.

The base was also not a base, officially anyway. A doctor from the KGB set up the project by himself. Eh… he must have had support with the upper bureau. As he, along with his inner circle was KGB, but everybody else? They were hired. He set himself up as this eccentric billionaire who was interested in medical research in cancer.

For an outsider there was nothing Soviet about it.

But there was this sub section, of this resort. The idea, to spice up the sex life, by making people “bring out their natural instinct” by bringing out the animal side. There is this idiotic subgroup of Western culture: furries. People dressing up in body suits as humanoid animals.

The wealthier ones wanted to make the ‘experience’ more real. So our good doctor set up an inner transition clinic, where you could either transform yourself into a sentient animal, or a furry.

That doctor was a big sex creep.

Of course, I suppose the upper bureau used him. Sure get the weirdos to do their weirdo things… But. But in the background you harvest the DNA, you see what works, so at the end of the day you get soldiers. Soldiers that can generate anti-freeze in their blood, or the capability to hibernate without a mechanical pod. Or have high muscle mass, maybe a tail for better balance. The US refused to upgrade their soldiers this way, as they found it immoral. So they only partook in computer and robotic upgrades. We wanted something more natural…

They needed to see how animal DNA can be spliced with us.

But we couldn’t do this in the open. It had to be under cover, A. security, B. a population doesn’t like open oppression and open oppression is what Stalin and Lenin would be disgusted by. You need to prick the population to keep them competent, but… this biology, too far for me as well.

So the doctor set up his ‘furry clinic’.

He had a lot of costumers. Sex creeps like him. They wanted to copulate as animals, so that is what they got. Than he set up AI to make new DNA based on body plans. So we got dinosaurs. Now dinosaur soldiers might have their uses, but what self respecting Cossack would do that to themselves?! What unholy satanic beasts have we created? Our enemies are always us.

Friendship to all nations… hm…

Of course this clinic wasn’t well known. Until they started kidnapping people, not Soviet people of course. They picked people up from the red light districts of the USE… and that is when the short sticks broke.

Furries. Disgusting.

But then… then, one MP of the Duma had a furry crash in his backyard in his island holiday home. “A shark lady”, lovely person. They fell in love and all this nonsense. She was from the other “horror island”. So my brother asked me to investigate what is going on…

I got a few contacts in the CIA and got the Cubans, you can always trust the Cubans…

So by the end of my investigation, I had the entire Cuban government pretty pissed off and disgusted. They contacted the official government of the USSR. Of course, I got in a lot of hot water myself. I was even told that, I might get kidnapped and shoved into the body of a dolphin so I don’t ‘squeak up’.

Common sense won out. Jesus watches my back along with the Saints.

Dr Creep had a lot of sway inside the KGB. The fools!

Of course it was decided by a secret session of the Supreme Soviet that we will destroy the base. Have the base up and running, with all those wretched souls there. Then we raid it, with troops picked on the lowdown. Without any official approval.

We go in. Break everything, eradicate the base. Make the ‘historic achievement for mankind’ history.

The raid went well.

Lets see we had the VDV, the Cossacks had troops and the Cubans. Gotta love the Cubans. This was a non-KGB operation, lead by me, a KGB officer. A rogue KGB officer, who is also loyal to the USSR. Ha, ha, ha. But it had to be shown to the inner groups that they can’t just play these kinds of games, with millions of rubles.

The Cossack troops sort of made it their holy mission to stop the unholy abominations.

So we flew over the island. Made the jump.

This reminds me, to put on the strong patriotic song the VDV played while our parachutes descended. We couldn’t use power suits or anything electronic to avoid detection. But… you can’t beat the AK47 no matter how primitive it is! And an old parachute jump.


We went through the base. I still have nightmares. We had to fight those army of KGB grown freaks. The way some of them just used teeth and claw. It was a good call to get to get the Cossacks, their swords sliced through the army of the Unholy! To confront Doctor Moreau!

The way that creep looked at me… “This is humanity’s future! And you will see! You will see, it is already too late for you…”

I enjoyed finishing him off with a gunshot to the head. We burnt his body. We burnt the rest of them as well. We vaporized the entire goddamn base...

Just to have a few of their biomedical scientists and geneticists reappear in Argentina. And thrive there, because of money. That is the problem with the Capitalist. They can’t see threats, if money is to be made of it. Or money is deeply involved. So instead of furries being weapons, bread as soldiers, or seen as ways to understand the human genome, the bourgeoisie use them for sex. This baffling stupid idea, that some people are born in the wrong species bodies, so they need to be reptiles, or dogs, or even dragons… I shudder. The worst ones were those weirdo underground Nazis, who following Himmler’s ideas, turned themselves into dragons… because that makes them happy. Because the dragon is the superior species. We should have gotten the nukes before the end of WW2 and finished off Berlin!

I laugh, when I think of the first reaction of the Americans’ CIA when we told them about furries. They were horrified and told us to cover it up completely.

But then Argentina… A company picked up the idea and started offering genetic alterations to the consumer base. And the daughter of the CIA’s director became a ‘humanoid dinosaur’ laying her children as eggs... And it became a trend. The CIA went from horror to quick acceptance. “It is what it is, people are willing to pay for this. This is just consumerism.” Celebrity endorsed stupidity. So now human beings are converting to animaloids, to find inner peace, capitalist stupidity, high sex drive… I am tired of all this. Days are just stressful. We are expanding into the solar system, the FTL engine research is very promising…

We banned it of course. This genetic monster, in the suit of Commercial Monsterousness… the KGB originally made up the research to create armies. Armies that can take the harsh conditions of Mars, Venus, Jovian Moons, if a large inter-system war breaks out with the United States and NATO.

Nowadays it is just back channel negotiations. To keep the peace. The politicians are useless. Just fool around. I don’t know about the ‘west’, but on our side; the Duma of the Soviets and the Duma of the PRC along with the Soviet Councils have just surface power. They think that they are Napoleon… the great conquerors, when in reality they are the great damned blood drinkers.

I do think that we are devolving as a species, especially the ‘Capitalist’ ideology countries. People want to return to the naive peaceful blessedness of animals. One CIA agent even told me that his wife found peace as a lizard. Sitting on the sun heated rocks. And that the bedroom is more fun (he claimed the consent was there as his wife had a human part, bettered by ancient instinct.). These people just run away from responsibilities because it is painful. Human existence is painful, and they think by being a ball of fur, somehow they can be a dog, wagging its tail, always happy. I shudder.

Plus the way she was licking her eye ball? Disgusting.

But at the same time, can one blame them? We are expanding our reach into the Cosmos, but reality does tend to break down, especially our reality. On our side everything is soaked in propaganda, On their side everything is fake news. Everything is relative! So people are confused. And they hate to think. People hate to stare truth in the eye.

In the 21st century we did ‘ruin’ nature. We pushed the planets different spheres to their very limits! The way Dubai got covered up by a giant dust storm! And people turned into cannibals. Even today we are still digging out skeletons. The sick bastards even attacked each other with white phosphorus. Probably, the cannibals liked their food pre-fried. “It is the American way!”. Or how we turned the Indian Ocean into a toxic sludge! Or the great trash islands. Oh, how we ruined our place in the universe!

So no wonder they want to be animal like. These ‘people’ argue that we ruined Earth. That we ruined the Solar System. That we are just tall Empires. Fighting over vague ideas.

But, but to rebuke them, I do think that large structures like NATO, USSR, PRC, South American Union, USE, USA maintain order. Without them we would be squabbling amongst ourselves or wanting to return to the seas as humanoid sharks, because “Flippers are more fun!” as that repulsing ad goes. We are lost among the stars.

But this martian summit/mission/hot air/space lies is important. And this space port is quite ambitious… the idea to start servicing other solar systems…


Well it seems my flight is here.

Reminders for tomorrow:

  • Talk to Ambassador Chen, talk to him about how I enjoyed staying in the space port.
  • Maybe message that KGB rotten nose about the CIA official university visit to Wuhan Biomed Laboratories.
  • Complain to that idiot Brezhnevite about our idea to put orbital laser platforms on Martian orbit… just provokes the Americans!
  • Eat lunch, yeeeesss… eat lunch. Fish as usual. Will I get into Heaven like this? I did my duty… I stand up for the right things… back to this stupid list!
  • I need to get my blowhole cleaned as well. Stupid lack of nose! And having to pour bottles of water over myself to stay hydrated... those Cossacks should have shot me as I asked them! Positives I suppose, I kept my fingers and legs…
  • Oh and STAY CALM, when stressed, the high pitch annoys passengers.

I need to hold onto my humanity as much as possible…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

End of Diary Entry 23

Save to Central File … Send to KGB Internal Security for Review [Secret Device Communication] … END



This is a place for my old science fiction short stories I wrote while at the University of Edinburgh and in St Andrews. I am also adding new science fiction stories when inspiration comes to me.

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