How Fry Egg is Changing Online Fitness Coaching

The online marketplace industry is booming, and has reached almost every niche. Car sharing? Call an Uber. Hotel? Get on Airbnb. Small gigs and freelance work? Hit up Fiverr. Almost every sector of the economy that can be formatted to fit the business model of an online marketplace has done exactly that. Almost…

What about the fitness coaching industry? Enter Fry Egg.

Fry Egg is the world’s first and only online marketplace providing a platform for nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and holistic coaches to create their own programs and sell to clients around the world.

The Need For Fry Egg

Let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds before a big wedding you are going to be attending in a month. You have tried for the past few weeks to lose the first few pounds, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem the make any substantial progress. The dress you wanted to wear still is tight around your waist, and you are beginning to panic. What do you do?

Currently, many people in this situation would do one of three things:

1: Find the most radical weight loss plan on Google, hoping to shred as much weight in as little time as possible. After all, the internet would never lie.

2: Exercise an obscene amount, lifting weights and adding hours of cardio a day, hoping to burn off the rest of the stubborn fat. That’s how it works, right?

3: Seek help from a weight loss coach.

Hopefully, you would have chosen option three, as the first two options could lead to some dangerous outcomes, leaving you worse off than you were before.

Finding a weight loss coach that can create a custom diet and workout plan tailored to your specific lifestyle and goals is hands down the best route to go if you need help getting those last few pounds off. That is, if you can afford it.

The Current Problems Facing Fitness Coaching

While it is ideal to have a health coach guide you through every step of your fitness journey, there are many reasons why someone may choose not to purchase a coaching plan.

1: Price

Probably the most common reason people decide not to undertake obtaining a fitness coach is the cost of doing so. In the United States, the average personal training session cost is $60/hour (not including potential gym membership costs). Similarly, the average nutritionist charges $70–$100 for a one-hour consultation. This is simply too pricey for most people.

2: Meeting Structure

Another potential drawback to joining a fitness coaching program is the meeting scheduling. This is a problem for both the coach and the client, as both sides often run into setbacks in their daily schedule that can cause meeting to be missed or pushed back. Setting up appointments to visit your coach can be a hassle, and missing an appointment could incur fees and penalties, depending on your coach.

3: Accessibility

Often times, when you need help the most, nobody is there to help.

“Am I allowed to eat that type of food again?”

“ What did my coach say I had to do every Thursday at the gym?”

“Can I skip my lunch so that I can eat more at dinner with some friends tonight”

For many, these questions will go left unanswered until the next time they see their coach. Most health coaches do not disclose their personal cell phone number to their clients, leaving their clients with email as the main means of communication. But for most people, email is not fast enough for the questions we need answered right away.

Fry Egg Is The Solution

Fry Egg helps both coaches and clients to work together more efficiently, providing better results to the client at a lower cost, while also helping the coach to take on more than clients.

Benefits for clients:

1: Save up to 70% in coaching prices

2: Communicate with coach at any time and anywhere

3: Compare programs and coaches at the touch of a finger

Benefits for coaches:

1: Take home 82% commission, vs the industry standard of 43%

2: Create your own programs with your own vision and style

3: Work on your own hours from anywhere in the world

Fry Egg is changing the online fitness coaching industry. If you are a dietitian, personal trainer, nutritionist, or holistic coach, you can apply to become a Fry Egg coach here.

To get started today, visit Fry Egg’s website.

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