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My Maker’s Kitchen & Makerlog Story to Open Startup Creative Design Agency

I have sold food snack crackers for $10 when i was 10 years old, colostrums suppliments for $60 when i was 27 years old, i sold my first graphic design tshirt in myspace.com community forum for $20 using photoshop software back in year 2005 when i was 19 years old. I was a self-taught designer back in 2005.

Came along Facebook, very popular social network. I start to make fanpage & sold more graphic designs. Then in 2012 i started to learn more about Wordpress Development, i develop some premium wordpress themes for local startup company and i have clients from Europe, USA & Singapore. I was a self-taught developer learning html/css, java & php. As i was working on my laptop, traveling, attending yo-yo contest and doing yo-yo shows. I wanted to explore more in the design & tech world.

I participate events like hackathons & also went to tech, design & entrepreneurship talks. I watch tons of videos on Youtube, My favorite ones are Ted Talks & Techcrunch.com. So many insights stories to learn and inspire. In year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 i was religiously incline because i lost my late mom, late dad & late brother in 2012 & 2013. I wanted to be closer with god. I also do volunteering work for those years and it was an impactful experience.

Back in 2012 i join angehack hackathons at microsoft office. — http://www.hackathon.io/fajarsiddiq

In 2016 i join Producthunt.com community & in 2018 I join indie hackers & maker’s community online at twitter, slack, discord & telegram. Learn more about Tech SaaS business models, programming & ui/ux design. I talk to many entrepreneurs. It was so hard for me to fit in until i joined the digital nomad & maker’s community. I saw more people were like me who runs independent startups, studio and also side projects. I was inspired to see alot of young teenagers making ios app, android apps, web-apps, shipping their digital products really quickly. Some of them went livestream on https://twitch.tv & https://shipstreams.com to code using https://restream.io, a stream live video to 30+ platforms simultaneously for free.


I had difficulties focusing and always getting distracted when i’m online especially on facebook, instagram & whatsapp. Later 2018, i join Maker’s Kitchen https://makerskitchen.xyz/ founded by Dinuka Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka. I saw his vlog & he have similar interest as me!

He is just too awesome! Very inspiring for me that have similar interest with me.

I was happy to be part of the community, for the first time i fit in! That was the best moment ever. I met so many people from all over the world! AMAZING PEOPLE! I chatted with Dinuka and he told me to post topics in the slack channel. I did some quick mock-up designs and started sharing with others. I got some friendly response.

Inside the Maker’s Kitchen Slack Group! I love this community!

I was very happy to make designs again and again. You know that feeling you just want to build something fast and just wanting to show to the world? And wanting to get feedbacks, response and what others think about your skills or work? Well, i felt so blessed to see the amount of replies sharing their opinions and also give quick response in real time. I felt motivated and i felt “fit-in”. I was motivated by Dinuka who continues to share positive discussions. I keep reading other makers discussions, i try to understand and learn as quickly as possible. It was really awesome and fun feeling! I can’t sleep at night because i read so many articles online!

thank you dinuka!

Sooner or later i overcome” anxiety” from my (uncompleted projects) and improve my mental-health by joining Maker Log https://www.getmakerlog.com founded by Sergio Mattei Díaz from Puerto Rico. I kept logging tiny little task, i felt accomplished. Never felt better in my life! It was truly awesome. I started to gain my focus momentum!

I also met Ethan from Australia who is the winner of 24hrs startup challenge who made https://maker.rocks/ He is very friendly & shares to me knowledge about css flexbox. Css have completely changed, is not how i know like back in the days. I read alot about Ethan’s tutorial at https://codetheweb.blog/. These 2 guys are very young, talented & they are the future! The way they think is like Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. I want to thank them for inspiring me.

Thank you ethan for this amazing tweet reply, wow.

There were other people that i met online on twitter who were very positive and friendly too! Too many to mention, you know who you are! Much ❤ to you guys.

Now in 2019, i’m on my journey to make some web-apps or ios apps. I’ve wrote down a list of 20 over business models, my goal is to explore, travel the world and earn money. I love the idea of becoming digital nomad, creative entrepreneur, Graphic & UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer, i think that’s my focus for now. I hope to make more $$$ so i could pay bills, cook & buy some nice food, settle down and also wanting to contribute back to the community. So let’s see if i can do this! From non-Saas dude to a SaaS dude! whatever that means! haha. I still have alot to learn but I think i can do it! I don’t know! But i will try!

My Open Startup for Euphorya, Creative Design Agency.

Here’s my transparency for https://www.euphoryadesign.com and i hosted it on my personal site: https://www.fajarsiddiq.com/ at the same time i will be building an Open Startup and Marketplace Website.

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