Best Spots in Tallahassee for a Photoshoot

There are so many places on the Florida State University campus that people just walk by or do not even realize is there. In the FSU Photography club we find these places and bring out the beauty in them. One of our goals is to find new places on campus and show off these “hidden gems” to students. This not only promotes our photography, but also promotes the University. Not only do these places have stories to go along with them, but makes you feel more connected to the University. These are some of the best places we have found thus far.

Memorial Garden

1. Memorial Garden

This garden can be found next to the College of Music Amphitheatre. It includes a small sitting area and a small fountain and is a great place for some peace and quiet, while taking pictures of course.

Sandels Green

2. Sandels Green

This small piece of green can be found between the Sandels Building and Murphree Hall. The stone pillar in the middle celebrates the service of the Dean’s of human sciences. It is a small garden that can make a big impact in photography.

Kissing Bench

3. Kissing Bench

Not many people know about this bench along the legacy walk. An employer of the University and hi special girl had their first kiss on the bench and are now married. So the story goes be careful whom you kiss on the bench because you will be forever connected. Who wouldn’t want to capture someone’s changing moment?

Greek Park

4.The Greek Park

This park can be found across the street from Landis dorm. It is called Greek Park to commemorate leadership of sororities and fraternities on campus. The PanHellenic community has donated every bench, statue, and decorative item seen within this park. It is definitely a must see when taking artistic shots.

Dodd Hall Stained Glass

5. Dodd Hall

Many people pass this building not even knowing the beauty inside it. It was the original library before Strozier and has beautiful paintings on both the walls and ceilings. Over the last few years alumni and donors have gathered around 20 stained glass windows. This includes ones of the FSU circus, Seminole Tribe, the President’s house, and Heritage tower. The colors of the stained glass make the options of taking pictures unlimited.

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