Opportunities as a Photographer on Campus

Being a photographer on such a gorgeous campus gets you countless opportunities.

You’re work is remembered by staff, students and even parents.

There are so many opportunities to succeed in this field. Florida State makes an effort to incorporate all aspects of student life. Can you imagine your photo blown up on a wall in the Stadium?? When you submit photos, they’ll post them in Doak or hang them up in the Askew Student Life Center. They like to show off how excellent our scholars can actually be. Not only do they use these photos in buildings all around campus, they use them to decorate FSU’s official website.

They provide awards and recognition to the most worthy.

You get amazing job offers.

According to the Department of Art on FSU’s official website,

“Recent graduates have pursued careers in commercial photography, photography archive management, photo editing and design, or pursued additional graduate studies at some of the finest graduate programs in the United States.”

Grad’s have gotten jobs with incredible companies like National Geographic, Canon, Tommy Bahama, Urban Outfitters, and so many more.

You come across hidden gems.

It’s no secret our campus is nationally one of the prettiest, at least the most beautiful campus in Florida. As a photographer you’re always wandering around trying to get your next shot, so you’re bound to stumble across some gems along the way. By making this a hobby of yours, you get to see things that most wouldn’t stop and pay attention to.

Meet tons of new people.

When you involve yourself in any club or activity you meet people like you! This is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and meet people you would have never met before that have the same interests. Networking is a huge part of college, why limit yourself?