Tips For Editing Your Photos

Here are some tips to take your pictures up a knotch.

1. Dont waste your time on the long processes.

Programs such as Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw make the editing process faster and easier to do simple tasks rather then more elite editing programs. Copying, pasting, coping, and moving can all be done with an easy click of the button.

2. Using the Camera Raw Filter.

This filter allows you to take the top layer of a photo and go to smart filters, so you can pick a filter that looks good fast and on the spot.

3. About the Camera and Lens.

Different cameras and lens allow you to do differnt photos and alll give you a specific look you might or might not be going for. Make sure you know the types of lens needed for shots to make sue notthing gets cut out of the photo that you might want in there.

4.Know your shortcuts.

Trying to find the buttons for undo, redo, copy, paste, cut, drag, and zoom only takes you more time. Knowing which keys to press so you never have to search for the button again will change the way you edit.

5.Don’t be scared to contrast.

Intensifying photos and briging out the colors helps your photo stand out and make more of an impact. Not only can you contrast, but you can fix the brightness, shadows, highlights, fade, and many others. Don’t be afraid to go big because that is when the magic happens.

6. Have a focus

You want to make sure when you are editing you keep the main idea and focus of the picture. If you take a picture of a tree and that is the focus, but the pink flower to the side stands out more then the editing was not done correctly.

7. Have a purpose.

Don’t just edit just to edit. If you put a filter on a picture because you like it, but it doesnt portay the photo in what it was intended to do, then there is no purpose to put a filter on. Have an idea and stick to it, don’t get distacted.

8. Don’t be afraid to explore.

Editing is about exploring and learning different tools. The only way you will get better is to not be afraid to fail. You might go through many defeats at first when editing, but you cant be defeated.