5 Reasons Why You Should Join FSUFC

Do you like playing soccer, but have trouble finding a game? And you don’t have a club team… we have a solution for you! FSUFC is FSU’s newest RSO for those who love playing pickup. Here’s Five reasons why.

1. We host multiple pickup matches each week. This creates for a casual and fun atmosphere, that allows people to work with their schedules and show up as they please with the guarantee of getting to play.

2. We eliminate the need for you to go searching for a goal. Where most would have to be lucky to find a park or a league that has open goals (or more than 2), and this guarantees you won’t have to jump the fence at some school’s field, or use safety cones as a goal. So no more trespassing charges!

3. Come once, or come 100 times. We treat all that want to play equally. We’re here because we want to share our love of the game with everyone. Come once, come every time, even bring a friend, you’ll be treated the same every time and be welcomed with an open field, all year.

4. Playing Soccer is a great way to exercise and blow off some steam. Everyone knows that playing sports is a fun way to stay in shape, but all this exercise helps release endorphins, which, will help relieve stress and make you happier. This aerobic exercise will help breathing patterns and heart health, too.

5. This Club is absolutely free! The best part about our organization is that we don’t have membership dues, so you don’t have worry about saving up just to go play for a little bit. Which keeps your wallet full for Bull’s this weekend.

Originally published at medium.com.

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