Future Leaders: Nadia Suleyman, Junior Engineer

‘Future Leaders’ is a series of blog posts by the Financial Times in which we interview our team members and ask them how they got into technology, what they are working on and what they want to do in the future. Everyone has a different perspective, story and experience to share. This series will feature colleagues working in our Product & Technology teams. You can also connect with us on Twitter at Life at FT.

Hi Nadia, what is your current role at the FT and what do you spend most of your time doing at work?

My current role is Junior Engineer in the Internal Products DevX (Developer Experience) team. Our team helps enable engineers to deliver their best using efficient tools and processes. We work closely with Cloud Enablement, Reliability Engineering and Cyber Security teams to ensure our systems are cost-optimized, reliable and secure. It’s a very forward-thinking team and I like that the processes we automate have a knock-on effect and ultimately help engineers focus on building cool things.

How did you get into the technology industry?

I became interested in web development during my gap year. So I ended up changing my degree course (originally Biomedical Sciences) just in time and studied Computer Science at university. It was a great starting point for a beginner because they throw you into several fields like mobile app development, robotics and game development. Once I graduated, I started at the FT in the Global Service Desk and then transitioned into Engineering.

Nadia Suleyman, Junior Engineer.

What is the project you’ve worked on at the FT that you are most proud of?

There are a few projects I’ve built which automate manual tasks that the Global Service Desk do. I am proud of Shepherd, a bot that uses natural language processing to help respond to the queries the Service Desk deals with, as well as automating the ticket creation process. It was a great project to work on and I’m glad it worked out well.

Is there anything you do outside of your day-to-day role?

I am currently a member of the Next Generation Board. Our aim is to provide a fresh perspective on company strategy and exchange ideas with the FT’s executive board. Environmental Sustainability is the NGB workstream I am assigned to, so my NGB journey has been concentrated on helping define the FT’s 2030 carbon targets.

What is your favorite part of working (in your current role, project, or at the FT)?

The best part about working in tech at the FT is a positive culture. Everyone is ready to help you. We are encouraged to keep learning and pick up work that we may not 100% know from the outset. That way we slowly work on the blindspots of our knowledge and become better engineers.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Since I started working from home, I’ve been doing yoga in the mornings and recently picked up running. I started skateboarding again and spent Christmas day racing around an empty London, which was an experience. I’ve always been into anime so I’m either watching that or South Korean variety shows. It always seems to have subtitles!

Nadia in her downtime.

Thank you Nadia!

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