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Running ahead of the competition

How technology can help you maximise a competitive advantage

Frame the problem correctly to avoid confusion and save time

  • 80% covered ‘day-to-day’ journalism — regular articles, produced daily, that required visualisations such as charts and graphics to better tell the story
  • 15% covered ‘feature’ journalism — in-depth articles, produced every 2–4 weeks, that required features such as audio or scrollytelling to create a visually rich story
  • 5% covered ‘bespoke’ journalism — these are one-off, high-impact pieces, produced every 3–6 months, for example the Uber Game

Start with a hypothesis to find the right solution

The impact

Interactive map, showing wildfires in Mediterranean over time
Positive reader comments on the COP26 piece.

Key takeaways

  • Identify your competitive advantages and anything that might prevent you from fully exploiting them
  • Framing the problem in the right way is vital, especially when you have multiple teams and stakeholders — getting early alignment on this will save you time and effort later
  • Start with hypotheses; identify your riskiest and validate them systematically
  • Collaborate with others, especially those traditionally seen as your stakeholders




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