Overcoming ambiguity in product: What to do when you don’t even know where to begin

Lesson 1: Assemble the right squad and get backing from leadership

Lesson 2: Volcano or submarine?

Lesson 3: Figure out what you know, don’t know and need to know

  • The organisational constraints, specifically around content
  • What our direct and adjacent competitors were doing in the subscriptions space
  • The factors that drive people to pay for content
  • Who our target ‘adjacent’ audience is

Lesson 4: Sometimes you won’t have all the answers you need — improvise

Lesson 5: Map out your bets

Lesson 6: Define success

  • Growth: Is our user number growth positive?
  • Engagement: What % of our users engage more than X times per week?
  • Retention: Do users stick with the product in weeks 1–12?
  • Price: We’ll use the Van Westendorp method to test price sensitivity

Final thoughts



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