Read All About It: Rebuilding the newsletters page

Early Edition

Screenshot of the original page

Think Piece


  • We added images to each of the newsletters cards. The Editorial team curated an image to represent each of the newsletters that the FT was offering at the time. Honestly, this change on its own would have improved the design of the page by a lot! They capture the tone of each newsletter and provide some of the visual interest that the page was clearly crying out for.
  • We grouped the newsletters into Topics so that the page could be organised and navigated by theme. This was a huge win for the user experience of the page which by now was serving around 40 different newsletters. Having this data let us group newsletters about similar subjects together and gave users a quick way to skip to the content they cared about most.
  • We added Preview links so that users could read a recent edition of a newsletter before deciding whether or not to subscribe. This let us showcase our content in the moment and gave users more confidence about deciding which emails they’d like to receive from the FT.
Screenshot of the new page

Online Exclusive

  • A new Newsletters API had been built and was ready to receive traffic
  • A cross-discipline team had worked through a set of feature requests and requirements
  • We had a full set of new designs for the page
  • The technical requirements had been tested for viability by a senior engineer

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