Is now a good time to apply to remote jobs during coronavirus?

Robert Gibb
Jan 3 · 2 min read

The simple answer is yes. Now is a fine time to apply to full time remote jobs. However, there are some companies you should apply to immediately and others you should hold off on applying to until the economy picks up again.

Remote jobs you should apply to now

During this time, most companies that create Internet-based services (think Netflix) and software (think Microsoft) will continue to hire remote workers.

Demand for these types of services and software are growing at this time as more consumers and companies are spending their time online. Consumers are on the internet more and companies still need software to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Here are some examples of remote companies that are currently hiring that offers such services:

The good news is, I think you’ll find that many remote job listings you come across are posted by companies like this.

Remote jobs you should wait to apply to

Businesses that sell directly to consumers (B2C) rather directly to other businesses (B2B) are struggling, especially in the United States where 3 million people recently filed for unemployment. I think this will change soon, but until it does it’s best to spend your time applying to the types of companies mentioned above.

Here are some examples of remote companies that you should consider waiting to apply to:

  • Remote Year — Organizes trips for employees who want to travel while working
  • Tawkify — A personalized matchmaking service
  • Coffee Meets Bagel — A dating app similar to Tinder and Bumble
  • Kindly Care — An online marketplace for senior home care

If you come across job listings by companies like this that were recently posted, you should go ahead and apply. But if they were posted before the panic and pandemic started spreading, save the link to the job and apply later.

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