Game Week 6: Surprise, Stoke Still Suck!

Wow, I have a lot of goals to report. The weekend started off with Liverpool doing that thing where they play really well against top teams as they beat Chelsea 2–1. Lovren opened up the scoring before a wonder goal from Henderson put Liverpool 2–0 up. Costa managed to score yet again for Chelsea; he’s now made his way onto the list of players that I will no longer bother recommending. In my opinion he’s a must have player at the moment. Hull vs Arsenal was the first game up on Saturday. The Gunners saw out an easy 4–1 victory with two goals from Sanchez, one from Walcott, and a great strike from Xhaka. Snodgrass was yet again the goalscorer for Hull, cementing himself as a solid pick in FTSY and FPL. Sanchez could have had himself a hat trick, but a penalty save from Jakupovic denied him (or he could have given the penalty to Cazorla, who has scored Arsenal’s last two penalties, and given me those 5 points. Dammit Sanchez). Leicester beat Burnley 3–0, Islam Slimani showed why he was worthy of being Leicester’s record transfer as he netted two of those goals. The other was an own goal from Mee.

Man City showed everyone that they’re a strong independent financial group that don’t need no Aguero with a 4–0 win over Bournemouth. Sterling, Iheanacho, and De Bruyne each got themselves a goal and an assist, Gundogan scored the fourth on his PL debut. West Brom absolutely destroyed West Ham 4–2 in the West Name Derby. Chadli had a hand in all of West Brom’s goals with two goals and two assists. Goals from McClean and Rondon put West Brom 4–0 up before Payet assisted Antonio (for the third time in two games) in clawing back one goal. A penalty from Lanzini gave the Hammers a second. Everton initially went 1–0 down against Middlesbrough after an own goal from Dooty, Spooky Mr. Skeltal (a.k.a Stekelenburg). All Middlesbrough fans immediately thanked Mr. Skeltal and received good bones and calcium in return. Goals from Barry, Coleman, and (apparently) Lukaku gave Everton the three points in the end, and maintained their place as one of only three unbeaten teams.

I’m getting better at poorly photoshopping memes

Sunday started with Watford beating Man Utd 3–1. Capoue left many FPL managers frustrated yet again as he scored the opener. Ibrahimovic assisted Rashford to bring Man Utd back into the game, but a late goal from Zuniga and a 90+4th minute penalty from Deeney secured the win for Watford. Mourinho, in typical Mourinho fashion, immediately blamed the referee and his luck for the loss.

Crystal Palace predictably beat Stoke 4–1. Tomkins, Dann, McAuthur, and Townsend were the scorers for Palace, and Arnautovic was the sole name on the scoresheet for Stoke. Unfortunately Benteke didn’t score as I predicted last week. It seemed like Stoke were trying hard to shut him down which lead to every other player in Palace’s attack being able to do whatever they wanted. Charlie Austin scored the only goal in Southampton’s 1–0 win over Swansea in the most boring match of the week. Spurs beat out Sunderland 1–0 in a crazy match. As I predicted Kane scored, but the joy was short lived as he went off injured with an ankle injury. Spurs had full control of the game at all times with 74% possession, 31 shots, and 14 corners. Unfortunately Spurs weren’t very clinical, only 9 of those shots went on target. Giving credit where it’s due, Pickford had an absolutely amazing game, the game could have easily ended 5–0 if it weren’t for some of the saves he pulled off. Man of the match either goes to him or Son Heung-min, who had fifteen crosses, seven shots, had five key passes, and hit the post once.

The scoreline did not reflect the rest of the match at all.

After a crazy weekend here are my recommendations for Game Week 6.

1. Chadli/Rondon

West Brom showed that they are capable of scoring goals last week. The the first time ever, a team managed by Pullis scored four goals. The addition of Chadli was key to their last win. A few seasons ago, when he was starting for Spurs, Chadli was fantasy football royalty. 11 goals and 6 assists in the 14–15 season made him a must have. I foresee a return to that form from Chadli, and a major part of that is that he seems to be taking set pieces for the most set piece heavy team that has ever existed.

Stoke are bad. Water is wet. West Brom are going up against Stoke in Game Week 6 and the Potters have managed to concede four goals for the second time in two games. This is a simple choice to make. Bet against Stoke. I don’t need to say any more.

I’m continuing my tactic of betting against Stoke from last week and I think I’ll continue until Mark Hughes gets sacked. It might be a bit of a kneejerk to predict an amazing season from Chadli, but I’m willing to take a risk. He hasn’t been included in the FSTY 40 yet, but he should be included in the coming weeks. In the meantime Rondon is the guy to go for, with a value of 10 he’ll net you huge points if he scores. Chadli is a great pick in FPL, his cheap pricetag of 6.4 makes him the perfect choice for a 4th midfielder. I’ve wildcarded this week and I immediately included Chadli, the only problem now is that I don’t want to bench any of my attacking players.

2. Capoue

Every week. Every damn week we all say that there’s no way that Capoue can do it again. And every week we’re all wrong. It’s time to stop deluding ourselves. Capoue has managed to score every week excluding Watford’s 3–1 loss to Arsenal. It seems like Ighalo and Deeney are such a handful for defenders that it allows the Watford midfield of Capoue and Pereyra to steal the show.

Watford go up against Burnley this week. Burnley aren’t great defensively. They concede 18 shots per match at home, and only block 3.7 of them. That means that 14.3 shots are making it through the Burnley defense every game. Watford aren’t exactly wasteful with their chances either. When playing away from home they manage to put half of their shots on target. All of this points to a very busy game for Heaton.

There’s no denying it anymore, Capoue is here to stay for the time being. It’s time to stop doubting him. He’s consistently overlooked by the FTSY crowd, his current value of 8 makes him a steal. I assume that almost everyone who takes FPL seriously at all has already got Capoue in their team. It’s time to stop benching him. He’s currently the highest scoring player in the whole game, and he has sat on your bench the whole time. That’s 44 points that you could have had.

3. Lukaku

I’m going with the other big Belgian this week. While Benteke was unlucky not to score last week, Lukaku was luck to score. I don’t think that he got a touch on the ball before it went into the net but the goal was awarded to him leaving him with four goals in his last two matches. He got off the mark last week, but it now seems that the floodgates have opened. The stats behind his performances have been quite impressive. An average of four shots per game isn’t amazing, but when you look further you’ll find that 1 of those comes from within the six yard box, and a further 2.5 come from within the penalty area. Those are really great stats, and they’re made better when you consider that he only hits one shot off target per match.

Everton’s opposition of Bournemouth are on the worse end of the defensive scale. They have the fourth highest shots faced per match, and are below average when it comes to shots faced per goal conceded. This doesn’t bode well for them.

Lukaku, much like Will Grigg, is on fire. The most important thing for a striker is confidence and Lukaku has bags full of it at the moment. He’s likely to be one of the most picked players in FTSY this week due to his recent performance, but if you want safe points (and to avoid the extremely popular Aguero, Costa, and Ibrahimovic) he’s a good option. In FPL I see Lukaku making his way to ‘must have’ status. At 9.2 he’s a lot cheaper than the likes of Ibrahimovic, Costa, Vardy, and Kane. He could replace Ibrahimovic in most people’s teams seeing as Man Utd’s form seems to be dipping. I’ve personally shoved Aguero, Costa, and Lukaku into one team, leaving my defense in pieces.

That’s it for this week. I would also suggest taking a punt on the Southampton attack this week. Although they’re not exactly banging in the goals at the moment, they go up against West Ham who seem to be trying to make Stoke look good. They’ve just come off back-to-back 5–2 and 4–2 defeats against Watford and West Brom, who aren’t exactly top teams. But I think Redmond has already disappointed us all enough, so it’s up to you if you want to trust in him.

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