FTW <> O3 wallet + Referral Program

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Connect your O3 wallet

We have finished the O3 wallet integration and you can use our app with O3 wallet.

  1. Download the latest desktop O3 wallet. (The version has to be higher than 2.0.1)
  2. Open your O3 wallet and using our app, select “Connect with O3” button.
When you click “Wallet login” on the header of our app

3. You will be asked by O3 wallet to connect to one of your accounts. Select your wallet and Accept.

You will be asked again whenever you try to send your funds from O3 wallet.

4. Done. Now you see FTW+O3 logo on the header. Let’s play and win

Our devs:
Thanks to O3 team. They have a great API and well-organized document. It was easy and smooth to integrate.

Share and Reward

We opened our referral program. Share our link with your NEO address. You will be rewarded 5% of the ticket price whenever people who have referred purchase tickets.

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