Exploring Pusser’s Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands

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Apr 10, 2018 · 4 min read
We chartered a boat from St. John in the US Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands and stopped for lunch at Pusser’s Marina Cay Restaurant. The place was empty during the day. At night it gets busy catering to the yachting and boating community. The fresh catch and curried chicken roti were really tasty. Make sure to wash it down with a Pusser’s Painkiller. Amazing how easy they go down at noon with a view like this!

Update: Sad to say, but Pusser’s Marina Cay, as well as many islands in the BVI’s and USVI’s were badly damaged during Hurricane Irma. Rebuilding is underway. The iconic red phone booth, “The Old Red Box,” that sat atop the dock disappeared in the 200-plus mph winds. Help support this beautiful destination by booking your next trip. By the time you do, they will be back in business waiting to make one of their famous Painkillers. Read more about the storm damage here.

Pusser’s Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands

The legendary pirate Captain Blackbeard sailed these waters and attacked Spanish and British ships plundering their treasure in the 1700’s.
You can still visit Blackbeard’s legendary ‘Hideaway” on neighboring Tortola a twenty minute boat ride.

Cruising the Caribbean

We did not do that on this trip, but yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands are an incredible experience. Instead of staying in one place, you sail or motor around on a fully provisioned yacht that comes with a captain and chef. If you do not get sea sick easily and are seeking a really special adventure this might be a trip for you.

Marina Cay is a tiny spec in the British Virgin Island Chain. The 8-acre island was uninhabited until 1937. In the early 2000s Jose Cuervo Tequila purchased the island, referring to it as Cuervo Nation. Currently, it is home to Pusser’s Rum Marina Cay Restaurant and Hotel.

Marina Cay Spotlight

How to get there? There is a complimentary Pusser’s Ferry from Tortola. You can also find a day trip or charter boat that visits Marina Cay. The other option is charter a sailboat or yacht and tell your captain you want to visit Marina Cay.

What’s on the menu? Lunch Menu or Dinner Menu

How to book reservations? Contact Pusser’s Marina Cay Restaurant and Hotel. Make sure to take a photo at the old school red telephone booth!

Other Facts:
Pusser’s Rum Ltd. bottles, blends and distributes the original Royal Navy rum — one of the most historic and traditional rums still available today.

Make sure you do not schedule a trip during hurricane season.


I did not want to go on the chartered boat day trip. I thought it was a waste of time and money. Now that I look back I think it was one of our favorite days and some of the best bang for your buck. It also increased our island count during the trip. Marina Cay was just one of the islands we checked out in the BVI and USVI. We visited in mid April and the best part was the rest of the world was slaving away in an office while we were sipping painkillers at noon. Experiences like this will make you re-evaluate what is important in life.

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