Fuck, A Love Story
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Fuck, A Love Story

Prologue; The Book

How this started…

I was given a beautiful blank notebook bound in maroon silk with intricate embossing of a fleur-de-lys on steroids on the cover and gilt-edged pages. What on earth can I ever write in this I wondered? My Amazonian mentor/friend, Michelle took one look and knew.
‘Well, obviously it’s your pillow book.’
‘My what?’
‘Where you write down all your conquests.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous. I can’t do that.’




A Cautionary Tale. In 2010 I performed my solo comedy show “F+ck, A Love Story”. Here are all the anecdotes that will one day be part of a book. If you would like to buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/emmasachsse that would be delightful.

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Emma Sachsse

Emma Sachsse

Writer of Urban Fantasy Series; Bloody Dawn find me at https://www.emmasachsse.com/

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