Read what NOBODY told you about JioMAMI’15

After the Bouquet of 35 Films, now comes the tailor made schedule to make the most out of India’s biggest film festival JioMAMI ’15.


  • After registering to JioMAMI [OMG, you have not registered yet? REGISTER~NOW] you will get a Film Catalog, Festival ID Card, Festival Carry Bag, etc.
  • Use your registration number to book your ticket for each of the screening you wish to attend during the festival. Booking will open two days prior to the day of screening. You need to enter the cinema hall 15 mins before the screening starts. One can book only four tickets for the given day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch more than four films! ;)
  • The online booking system sounds and seems techie, but don’t worry it’s very simple and straight forward. This system introduced in last edition of festival actually helps you to focus and it helps organizers to serve you better.
  • In case the screening you wish to attend is house-full, you can still go to the venue and stand in a queue. In case there are empty seats, you can enter the cinema hall on first come first serve basis.

Go get mad happy crazy sad. Watch best of the world cinema as well as the new wave Indian Cinema of 2015.

Eat Films, Drink Films, Breathe Films, Live Films. Long Live JioMAMI ‘15!


— This schedule is best suited for the cine-lovers wandering in western suburbs of Mumbai.

— The venue selected are PVR Juhu and PVR ECX Citi Mall Andheri. These two venues are located at the distance of 4 KMs only.

— The schedule has been prepared keeping in mind the bouquet of 35 films shared in previous posts. Some new chilling discoveries have been added. Sadly, some films mentioned in the previous posts could not make into this schedule. These films are

— The schedule has been made on the basis of the information available on the official website of JioMAMI as of 27th Oct 2015, 11:59PM.

— You should not book tickets for the films highlighted with light saffron color. As you are allowed to book only four tickets a day, book which are hot favorites, and stand in a queue for “hidden gems”, which have higher chances of having empty seats.

OMG! This gonna be an orgasmic experience! Fantastic Four in a single day!
Winners from Cannes, Locarno and Sundance! What more can you dream of?
Best of China, USA, Iran, South Korea and France! Wohhooo!
Teenage, Adrenaline Rush, Love, Economic Frustration, Intimacy and the Inner Voice! Have the Rainbow Experience!
Desi — Videshi, Debutantes and the Masters — All In One!
Some of the most sensitive stories from Mumbai to Mexico with the topping of crazy animation madness!
Epic End with the strongest and the strangest Dramas — from India and the World alike!


It’s a huge psychological disturbance and an emotional loss to miss the following films due to various reasons. However, if that film is your darling, then go there and give a miss to someone else! :P


It was great to spend more than an entire day on writing these posts about selected films and the super schedule to see them all. I hope it will help you and you will enjoy as much as you can. Wishes and Love.

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