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Fuck Niches

Every starting entrepreneur makes the same mistake. Do you too?

Avoid making the same mistake when you start a business. I made this mistake myself. I would not recommend it to anyone.

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As a starting entrepreneur, you want to get started as soon as possible. To have enough clients and sell your services or products as soon as possible. To have your business in order as soon as possible, to earn enough (or more) income, to feel that freedom that made you become an entrepreneur.
To achieve this, you think you need a strategy, a ready-made package that you can implement and follow in order to create that ultimate freedom.

You start with a workshop, a free challenge, a training day, an online training, a Boot Camp and you hop from strategy to strategy. After a workshop, a training day or a Boot Camp, you feel the inspiration and the energy surging through your body and you are convinced that this is it.

When a few weeks have passed and the energy and inspiration have flown away, you realise that the strategy you have learned is not it either. It does not fit you.

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It is to me. I too have fallen into this trap, as have many other starting entrepreneurs. I spoke to my coach this morning and she, too, had gone through this ‘process’ in this way. And so I see all my clients who have stumbled into this.

What it did to me is that I started copying things because someone said it should be done that way.
You have to be on Facebook

You have to post 4 messages a day

You have to get so many twitter followers

You have to be on LinkedIn

You have to write blogs

You need to send out a newsletter

You must get people to leave their email addresses on your website

You must have a large mailing list

You must have a free giveaway

You need to offer something with a low amount and something with a higher amount

You need to offer a VIP track

I get really tired just thinking about it. And yes, I did all this just to get more clients, to create income. It was too much work to oen and I didn’t feel good about it.

What did I gain by copying all this?

That I started doing business from my head and not from my heart. I did not share anything from my heart but because I had to, because that is how it should be according to the marketing experts and the business coaches (with all due respect to those who are).

And I was happy to do it because I was promised that it would produce something. But it didn’t give me what I wanted: a continuous flow of clients and therefore of income. I became so alienated from myself, from my clients, from my business that the income flow stopped. And in hindsight that makes sense.

When you forget to put your own feeling, your love, your passion into it, you become alienated from yourself. You can choose to try another strategy.

Or you can choose to create your own strategy. Completely made from your wishes, from your mission, from your energy, from your radiance, from your intention. All from your pure self.

Well, I know what I would choose. I will never again choose someone else’s strategy. That does not work for me. Then I go back to where I came from. I don’t want that. Make your own strategy if you don’t want to do it. Don’t take someone else’s.

How do I create my own strategy?

Creating your own strategy for your business is not very difficult. It is about how you feel. If you don’t feel good about something, don’t do it. If you feel good about something, you should do it. You have to do the things you feel good about. Otherwise, it really won’t work.

Do you want 10 customers a month and you feel good about that? Then do it. There is nobody who knows what makes you feel good. That’s why it’s important to make your own choices.

My first business I did amen with a friend. He wanted to do 30 customers a month. I didn’t feel good about that at all. We had 20 customers a month and we couldn’t combine that with school. He was no longer at school. It was easy for him.

So I told him I didn’t have time for it. He totally understood and agreed with me. We went from 20 customers per month to 17 per month. That way I had more time for myself. I could develop myself further by immersing myself in other things.

That is also very important in life. I paid more attention to my diet, read more and did my sports better. I felt a lot better already. I didn’t enter the business as a commitment, but as a hobby. Purely because of the lesser workload that I now have.

So you see that working a lot is not always good for you. I was sitting in front of my computer for hours every day after school. I hardly went to see my parents and didn’t eat enough.

Fortunately, this only happened for one month. If it had lasted that long, I would have gone downhill physically, and probably mentally too, because I did so little outside of school.

A strategy for your start-up is crucial. It creates a foothold in turbulent times and allows you to focus on your strengths. The latter in particular will make it easier for you to convince potential customers to do business with you.

The strategy must suit you. Otherwise, your business will really fall apart. Working from your heart is much better than working from your head. If you start acting from your head, things will happen that your heart does not want and you do not feel good about. So work from your heart!



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