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Fuck Niches

Gave A Crackhead $20 To Fix My Windshield!

I know, I know I should not have done that but he did good work.

crack is wack, drugs, capitalism, living in the Bronx, medium, feedium, crackhead working
Gave a Crackhead $20 To Fix My Windshield by Canva Joselromero $$$

Growing up in NYC you come in contact with all manners of people. White, Black, Latin you name it, its here. So at times you will come across or worse know someone that has fell off and is living in the fringes of society.

When Crack hit the streets of NY it was as if a bomb went off! People getting…




Articles covering all the topics I love (too many to list). No niches, no headings… just writing and sharing.

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Joselromero $$$

Joselromero $$$

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