Fuck Niches
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Fuck Niches

How about you don’t give your Opinion?

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Opinions are like buffets: there’s something for everyone. At weddings, I follow the servers with their trays of lollipop lamb chops and knock over a cousin or two to reach the meatballs. And yes, I know you know that I would barter sexual favors for the last of the bacon-wrapped shrimp. Okay, fine, anything with bacon. Opinions are food for thought and thanks to the internet, there is a hardy banquet.




Articles covering all the topics I love (too many to list). No niches, no headings… just writing and sharing.

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Nick Bundarin

Nick Bundarin

Taking myself less seriously one story at a time. Lover of the weird, horrific and the fantastical. A touch of nerd is my cherry on top.

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