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Fuck Niches

One of the Scariest Moments of My Life: Performing Stand-Up Comedy For the First Time

All Joking Aside

Image by Tumisu, please consider ☕ Thank you! 🤗 from Pixabay

On September 18th, 2010, at 27 years old, I dared to cross “try stand-up comedy” off my creative projects list and walked away with one of the scariest yet greatest experiences of my life.

Leading up to this event I’d been gracing stages all over North America as a…




Articles covering all the topics I love (too many to list). No niches, no headings… just writing and sharing.

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Michael Centrone

We had it right as hunter/gatherers | Poet, Music Journalist, Metal Singer | Turn-ons: anthropology, philosophy, evolutionary biology | Twitter: MCentroneWriter

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