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Social media is destroying our lives!

Why you should quit social media! And do the same as me.

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Social media is convenient. You can always see what your friends are doing. Or you can entertain yourself for a while. Almost everyone is on social media. It seems we can’t live without it anymore. Or can we do without?

No is the answer. We are all addicted to social media. We look at our phones all day long. Without a good reason. This also happens when you are reminiscing. During a date, family day, dinner and I could go on and on.

We find it more important to be on social media than to do something nice together. We don’t make memories anymore! I have experienced such a moment myself. It hurt that social media is more important than a moment together.


Me and my parents didn’t see much of each other. I was busy with school, work and personal goals. My parents were busy too. They had to work, do housework and visit my grandmother a few times a day.

When we did see each other, my parents were on their phones a lot. I automatically started doing that too, because they weren’t going to talk anyway. This happened almost every night.

On the day before my sixteenth birthday I came back from work. There were still quite a few things to do before my birthday. A cake had to be made. My parents were on their phones as usual.

That’s why I had the good idea to make the cake together. I asked them. It was not what I expected. My parents said: Go and make the cake, because we want to see this programme. I was shocked, I didn’t expect this answer. ‘A programme you can watch back is more important than a moment together?’, I asked myself.

Then I went and made the cake myself. I finally understood what a bad influence social media has. You have little time together and you’d rather watch a programme than be together? I asked my parents this question. Don’t answer, just think about it,’ I said and walked to my bed.

I never heard them mention it again and nothing has changed since today. We talk even less now and when we do we are quick to anger each other. I’ve handled it wrong and it’s getting too out of hand.
Please prevent this from happening, because I can’t think of a time when I had fun with my parents. I want to stop this with social media, to prevent it for my children

Quitting social media is hard
I immediately deleted my Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest accounts, deactivated my Facebook account (which was dead anyway) along with Twitter. It was tricky, because who would make me feel like I was good enough? Exactly, myself.

The first few days were difficult. I often automatically looked at my phone and had the urge to create an account again for confirmation. At the same time, I noticed that I had a lot of time on my hands and didn’t know what to do with it; social media was a useless daytime activity that had taken up a lot of my time.

Since my partner felt the same way and had also deleted social media, it was easier for me to keep going. And I’m really glad I did!
There are many apps linked to social media, such as Spotify. Keep this in mind when deleting them by creating another personal account with your email address.Now that I have stopped social media

Now that I’ve decided to stop social media for over two weeks, I notice that I’ve come closer to myself. I know better what my own opinion is, how my body feels and where my limits lie.

I also experience a lot of peace, not only in the time I have left, but also in my head. I am no longer disturbed by the desire for notifications or by irritating sounds, vibrations, advertisements or thousands of selfies with filters.

I recommend quitting social media to everyone, stressed or not, young or old. Think about what impact social media has on you, both positively and negatively. Be honest with yourself. Try to stop using social media. Who knows, you might experience it just as itive as I did.

Tips for quitting social media

Would you like to stop using social media? Then I have some tips for you.

  • Also delete the apps on your phone
  • Find like-minded people for support (blogs, parents, partner)
  • If you are tempted, find out what it is you are longing for.
  • Find distractions, e.g. start a hobby
  • Do not be too busy with stopping social media, this can ensure that you actually start again

There are also entrepreneurs among us who need social media to get business. They, who want to stop with social media, are in a difficult dilemma. At Facebook it is not possible to create only a company account. In this situation, as an entrepreneur, you could create a profile with the company name as the name of the profile.

In any case, remove all social media applications on your phone and/or tablet so that you are not constantly tempted. During working hours you can manage the social media accounts via the computer.

At the moment, I have created a Tiktok account myself. Purely to inspire and motivate other people to do something rather than just scroll. I have disabled notifications from Tiktok and have a time limit. That way I prevent myself from scrolling. And if not, my partner can always say something.

Of course, I don’t want to fall back into old habits. Now I am reading a beautiful book, otherwise I am comparing myself with others.



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