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Fuck Niches

Why Hitler Hated Rabbis

The Holocaust Will Be Taught Differently In 100 Years

“Hitler’s Lament” by Neddy Bly

All Truth is ambiguous. Truth is either True in the binary sense, or True in the ambiguous sense, which is also binary.

Sam Harris, ironically, wait for it… is like Hitler. If you listened to his mind-bending first podcast with Jordan Peterson, Harris sees the world as Hitler did, while Peterson sees the world as rabbis did.

I’m currently being paid handsomely to conduct research on Twitter. I can cause people to snap effortlessly. I decided to see what I could do in real life.

Last Saturday night, as an experiment, I decided to recreate the gas chambers, smack in the middle of Manhattan.

I borrowed my friend’s performance space in the Garment District. As if cosmically-predestined, the space can hold 800, exactly the same number as a gas chamber at Auschwitz. I hooked up two sets of home theater speakers and bought four HD projectors (which I returned to the stores the following day) made a quick app displaying Spotify lyrics, Youtube videos, 3d geometry loops — a hodgepodge of stuff that intentionally appeared far more significant than it really was (it was a distraction for the sheep.)

I handed out invitations outside of Phish (the masses are at their most impressionable at large events, their emotions have been stimulated and stirred up). Through QR code virality, the space was full within 20 minutes. Once the door closed, I tapped three kegs, pretending each was laced with cyanide. All three kegs were consumed, no questions asked.

I sprinkled sugar on them all, night, symbolic of the deadly molecules in a concentration camp shower.

Religious, those who don’t address your many objections, are ok with ambiguity Truth. Others, militant atheist, feel threatened if you suggest this second type of Truth. They need the world to be binarily True, or their minds risk breaking.

These are the two types of people. They procreate. The world receives more of each kind. Optimist/pessimist, Intovert/Extrovert, Order/Chaos, Binary-Non-Binary Thinkers.

Everyone survived. But people are more manipulable than ever. Twitter is Hitler’s wet dream, which is why Elon had to have it.

My next piece will explain that we still live with Hitler’s opinion of children, and treat them like the children in 1984, which is why it feels like society is dying. It slowly is through our children’s “education.”



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Neddy Bly

Neddy Bly

Middle-aged, possibly insane, lover of moments, THRILLED to finally feel alive. Obsessed with the constellation of bights (binary lights) between people’s ears.