Day Eleven Artistic Response

(Out)Rage. Matthew 12:34

A’Driane Nieves’ brings her artistic response to Day Eleven.

My rage swells and fills every crack in my soul carved hollow by my anguish.

No justice. No peace.

My lips have grown numb from naming the list of injustices from this year alone. I wonder what the point of this all is and why I even bother. This is supposed tombs a holy time, a time of hope and expectation, the time when we begin in darkness but move closer to light/your glory with the passing of each day.

Hope is supposed to grow, not diminish.

But my hope has withered. I don’t understand the point of waiting for the same God that Mike Huckabee or Paul Ryan or Matt Walsh or the 81% of evangelicals who voted for Trump are.

How can we be waiting for and worshiping the same God?
If that’s who God is, I’m better off on my own.
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