Day Five: An Apology

Yesterday’s devotion on “Bloody” through the lens of Isaiah 4:4 excluded people, and this was brought to our attention. The realization that we are blinded by the normatives around us prevented us from seeing yesterday’s post as heteronormative and trans-discriminatory. In our blindness, we gave a platform to transmisogyny and transphobia. We failed to acknowledge that trans bodies, created in the holy image of God, bleed.

For trans-women and trans-femmes there is immense violence in the erasure of their holy identities of trans-women and trans-femmes when womanhood is associated with normative female organs. There is also violence done to the erasure of trans people who bleed but do not identify as woman.

We offer up our apologies to those whose experiences were erased from the devotional. This was never our intention, and we are truly sorry.

We can do better.

In Christ,

Tuhina Verma Rasche & Jason Chesnut