Day Nineteen

Anguish. Psalm 80:4–6

We welcome back Tai Amri as our featured voice. Tai is theo-poetic, father, partner, not-straight, not-gay, non-religious-youth-pastor, thoroughly-religious-mystic, black, african spiritualist, midwestern-living, east coast born, oakland flavored, hip hop/punk rock/folk, intersectional, culturally quaker and ashe.

swing low harriet

swing harriet
your trumpet into domes
 cloaked and maskedly-
 follow the drinking
of stoned sisters and brothers stoned
the mind ripped torn
 inside plastic rapped
 and the overfright
status made impure
 in illegal searches
and harassed churches

don’t pray too loudly
that shit’s dead
 look for golden grills
the black blocks
 where stacks
on 20’s
keep death
 and breaths are worthless

who smiles on us
 capitalism’s whores?
chains keep
babies from umi’s
 breast milk
that’s why we die high
’cause you never know
when you’ll be someone’s ho
 skirt lifted for a sound beating

keep it pop poppin’
when deserted
by ancestry
 both kind and royally absurd

a bird in the hand
is all we wish
 so i’ll sell you two hearts
 for a couple gold nuggets
you keep the rest
 good god harriet, swing low

Swing Low Sweet Chariot. John McGrady (1937). St. Louis Art Museum.
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