Day Seven

ForFucksSake. John 1:21

The Rev. Kwame Pitts is a Holy Troublemaker Claiming the Both/And. She is working to #decolonize16 and #transformChristianity, while dancing in the presence of the Ancestors.

Gotta get it together forever
Gotta get it together for brothers
Gotta get it together for sisters
For mothers and fathers and dead n******
For non-conformists, one hitter quitters
For Tyson types and Che figures..
To make something happen, to make something happen
To make something happen, lets make something happen..(ATCQ-The Space Program)

Visceral language
Prophetic speech
These are things that shouldn’t go together right?
When we use language
That only we can proclaim,
Expressing our spirit shattered
The core of our being decimated
Why then are our credentials questioned?

“Are you the Messiah?
“Are you Elijah?”
“Are you the Prophet?”
“Who are you?”

Show us your papers,
Your ID
Your assets
Your connections
Your degrees
Your call paperwork
Your lineage
Your Ancestry DNA map
So that we can ascertain,
Your legitimacy
And if you don’t have
The right speech,
Right rhetoric
Right skin tone
Right propaganda
Adhere to the right rules,
Then what gives you the RIGHT
To profess the Gospel?

What gives you the RIGHT?
To expose the ugliness of the world,
Dragging us down to the leper colonies
Making us face the countless abandoned
Because of diseases we refuse to acknowledge
Situations we refuse to admit our complacency
Systems we refuse to agree we benefit from

What gives you the RIGHT?
To call us on the carpet
To tell us that we must shed our selfishness
For Stewardship
Our racism
For Restoration
Our brutality
For the Beloved community.

What gives you the RIGHT?
To break boundaries,
Dissolving privilege
Disrupting the well-ordered society
By calling God by strange names

Great Spirit

What gives you the RIGHT?
To have the gall,
To leave the comfort
Of secluded exclusion
And embrace

Formerly Incarcerated
Mentally Ill

Those nailed to the Cross
Because of their “sin”
What gives us the right,
To proclaim such truths
With language
To disrupt the status quo

What gives US the RIGHT?

Calling to YOU
In the wilderness
The wilderness that you have buried yourself
What right?
Don’t question me.

Let’s make something happen,
Let’s make something happen
Let’s make something happen