Tumult. John 3:36.

One of our featured contributors today is Francisco Herrera. Before coming to Chicago, Francisco studied classical music (viola and orchestra conducting) in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and then Geneva, Switzerland. After feeling the call to ministry at his home church in Geneva, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva, he returned to the US to enter seminary in 2005. He completed his M.Div. from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2012 and then began Ph.D. studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in Fall of 2013 — his emphasis on World Christianity and Global Mission. A polymath and a scatterbrain, when he isn’t preparing for school stuff he blogs at www.loveasrevolution.blogspot.com, tweets at @PolyglotEvangel, and relishes in his duties as the Convener of #decolonizeLutheranism.

Just wait a minute there, John.

I saw what you did there, John.

I saw that little bit of you, that little bit of you that maybe had a bad day, that maybe got tired of being spit on by your fellow Jew, maybe just maybe that part of you that felt bad that your brother no longer invited you to dinner since you started following Jesus, maybe that angry member of the synagogue that cornered you in the public square when you were trying to buy wool — and started cussing about your mother.

You know…

…that part of you that wrote “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.” (John 3:36).

THAT part.

I understand John, oh, really I do.

I understand how you must feel, and why it is that you say God’s wrath is gonna smite all those who reject our Savior — so not like your usual, lovely self — all your talk of Bread, and Water, and New Life.

But I don’t hate you for it…

Christian church burning in Pakistan.

Those people that are mad at you for loving Jesus, I know, they just don’t get it. And I know their eyes and their tongues have left your flesh with a thousand lashes — and maybe some of your friends have been killed, too. Evil does that.

But I gotta make something clear, and you better hear me.

Because I ain’t gonna stand no trash talk, not when your anger and your pain, and the way it warps your pen, calls open season onthe lives and loves of so many I hold dear.

Cuz I’ve seen what it does, your little rant. I’ve seen it turn the eyes of Christians cold and filthy like gutter snow. I know it’s given satanic safe passage for the murder of Jews and Muslims and Hindus…

…and everybody else they want dead.

And that shit ain’t happening, John, not if I’m around.

And I know that a lot of people aren’t going to like me saying that, that I’m going to raise a #tumult, but I really don’t care. Because if the God that we serve would condemn such gorgeous souls to eternal torment, let that God stand accursed — and you with him!

Muslim women protecting a Catholic Church.

Because these beautiful ones, these ones who aren’t Christians, have shown me love to put posers like you to shame. And I ain’t gonna stand it. Nope.

Maybe you had a bad day, maybe you didn’t mean it. We all make mistakes. I get it.

This doesn’t mean you’re evil or nuthin’.

But I’m not going to stand for it. And you and everyone that gets-off on that little spurt of hate better back off. Because I AM obedient to Christ, and in his glorious precious name, I command you to stop.

Stop it right. fucking. NOW.

For the measure that you so itch to use against them — I know, Jesus told me so — will be used against you (Matthew 7:1–2).

And it won’t be pretty.

So I beg you, Brother John, you all your other kith and kin.





To convey a visceral Gospel, we must sometimes use visceral language.

Tuhina Verma Rasche

Written by

Pastoring Lutheran-style in Silicon Valley. (Un)Intended disruptor. Loves/ freaked out by Jesus. Indian-American living life in the hyphen.


To convey a visceral Gospel, we must sometimes use visceral language.

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