#LentLite: The Pregnant Blinking Cursor At The Start Of A Facebook Status Update

We welcome back Franklyn Harrison as our featured voice (check out Day Twenty-Three of the Advent devotional). 
franklyn (twitter: ‘@queerly_bel0ved), 34, queer as fuck, accepts all pronouns.
franklyn is a firm believer in the power of the arts to inspire, invigorate, confront, provoke, and disturb. 
franklyn has been fortunate to participate in creative ensembles that have used theatre and storytelling techniques, as well as music and poetry, to address issues that affect communities.

what’s on my mind? we have pretentious princes
seated in prominent perches of prestige and power
and we have a parasite presiding in oval offices

and my throat is raw and blistered with a voice
that is breaking and every time I cry out for justice
there is a silence that slips in like a knife in my back
introduced at the invitation of the dying echo

the news is nothing new and in an era of so many
mouths speaking so much and saying so little
I’d rather dam up my ear canals than hear one more rationalization, capitulation, or falsehood

so I come out of Babylon lest I share in her sin
I shed the skin of empire in all of its beastly forms
I rid myself of her currency and indulgences
and her profane hymns and sacred rituals

I find my silence and solace in ash and sand
my fertile soil and my burial ground and lay awake immersed in the sea of whispers in the wind
the voices of those in the wilderness before me
and with me singing spiritual songs
and sharing seditious stories of advent and hope

these stories remind me that you can lead
with both your heart and your spine
these stories remind me that fire is both for guiding
for illuminating and for purifying
these stories remind me that these testimonies
are the blood and marrow in a body of resistance that overcomes fiercely

And yes we will overcome fiercely

the architects of avarice thought we’d shoulder
the boulders of pharaoh but we sing stories
and psalms that are the stones that are crying out
while positioned in the sling of a king who will
take aim at these tyrants and bring them low

may we speak stories to each other
that remind us we are spoken for forever
and our lives and our love and dignity are of a
far surpassing worth than all the gold that lines the
rooms in some modern tower of babel

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