#LentLite: Unapologetic

Jessica Vazquez Torres (aka JVT, Twitter: @revjvaz) returns as our guest contributor (check out Day Three, Day Eight, and Day Thirteen from Advent), a coffee drinking, craft beer loving, BBC watching, overthinking 1.5 generation Queer Cisgender LatinX Woman of Puerto Rican descent who cooks when not traveling around spreading the gospel truth about white supremacy: IT’S EVIL!

Lent (a time of preparation that enables us to deepen our capacity to face with courage the instruments of death that threaten the creation) and Advent (a time of hope filled waiting) always catch me by surprise. The busyness of life in the context of a capitalist social arrangement all too often keep us focused on the next meeting, deadline, project, and paycheck in ways that make our observation of these seasons seem trivial. That is until this past Advent season. I still remember getting the Facebook message (or was it an email or a text?) from Tuhina describing what would become #FuckThisShit. The election had sent me into a tailspin of anger and fear; my fight/flight response operating in hyperdrive as I faced life as a queer immigrant woman of color living in the state of Kentucky. The project spoke to my state of mind and sense of vulnerability. It created a space that allowed my thoughts (mind), my feelings (heart and gut), my faith (that mysterious search to catch glimpses of the Creator) and my anger (righteous, passionate, and holy) to be expressed in integrated ways. #FuckThisShit invited and challenged me to connect myself to myself in ways that allowed me to move through paralysis and toward a reflective action. #FuckThisShit became a salve and balm that allowed me to externalize emotions that if swallowed would have poisoned me in the end.

Three months later I remain convinced the emotional, intellectual, and unapologetically Christian space #FuckThisShit brought to bear into the turbulence of our times remains crucially and critically important. People of color, LGBTQ persons, those struggling with making a way out of the economic oppression, refugees, Muslims, Sikhs, immigrants (particularly those with unauthorized status) desperately need a church unafraid to speak plainly, forcefully, and courageously about the Fucking Shit that suffocates and sucks out our lives. I (and dare I say WE) need a church less concerned with the fact that I said FUCK and more concerned with the ways the white supremacist heteropatriarchal social arrangement of the USA literally FUCKS UP (diminishes, cheapens, tramples, dehumanizes, and extinguishes) the lives of those marginalized and minoritized, particularly people of color in all of their intersectional reality.

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