Taylor Tuesday: An Ode to the Chief

Saturday Night fever crept up on me unexpectedly over the past weekend as I got to watch the chief perform, live for the very first time.

Yes! Jidenna. The Classic Man

Fashionably speaking, he is the Taylor’s ultimate muse. Since he emerged into the music scene, bringing along with him, a sense of style, so strong, that I can only interpret as an affirmation from the universe for me to keep creating wearable art for the metrosexual lot, he can do no wrong in my books.


Whether you find him dressed in his classic classic three piece suit, or an ankara detailed shirt, tribal print tailored pants, and of course, those signature esquivel shoes, this Chief clearly doesn’t want his best dressed day in a casket. Which comes as no surprise why with him,everyday is dapper day.

Rarely do i find that perfect blend of tribe and funk in one. An eastern soul in a western world dominating in lyrics, literature, lifestyle and ever so swanky with it

That Isiagu (Lion Head) detail on the tuxedo lapel of his Three Piece showed him off to be a true lion of the tribe, scoring him some extra points as I vibed off to the ballad, Bambi.

As a creative curator in men’s fashion, I find that the gender tends to be more conservative, generally safe players, as regards fashion statements and colors. Well, of course, there exists a good number of exceptions.

The chief’s voice in fashion is definitely one that is heard loud and clear. It is bold as it is authentic, fun as it is fearless. And what I love the most? His style stays portraying cultural heritage, remaining true to the roots of Africa, Nigeria.

Ah! To create looks for this traditionally urban man would be but a dream.

Ndi’igbo kwenu!!!

Long live the Chief

photo credits: TY Bello, Linda Ikeji’s Blog and an iphone5 of yours truly!