This is Our Mission.

Here’s why we’ve made this publication, and why it is open to submissions.

Purpose is first and foremost a human engine.

That means that we need to foster the human spirit and human hands that go out every day to do work that matters. We also need to feed the curious human mind that wants to ask why — about everything.

In this publication, we strive to cover all aspects of purpose, no matter how big or how small.

We want to publish stories that tackle difficult issues head on, that recognize failure as much as success, and that constantly look forward.

We value topics that are vitally important to us as working, productive humans. It could be a current problem, it could be a facet that has been overlooked, or it could be looking at a known topic in a new way.

And we think that it’s critical that we not cook these ideas up in the confines of our company and throw them out under a faceless name. We want to hold up ideas, thoughts, and stories written by real people with real value.

We named our publication Fuel and the Fire Iron because we share the passions and the critical knowledge, tools and resources that keep the fire of purpose burning.

For our publication to work and to provide constant air to the flame, we need your help. Bring us your ideas and we’ll pass the light.

To learn more about Illumyne, a platform that helps you actionably align your entire organization around your purpose, please visit our website.