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5 Most Effective Ways to Practice Copywriting

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Do you know, practicing is what helps us understand something in depth and solve problems using that knowledge?

To become a good copywriter, you have to practice a lot and lots of write-ups. And, in that way you will be able to write a copy that will engage with people, that will present brand’s story, that will connect people with brands.

Once you start writing copy for brands, you will understand that it’s not just about a few sets of words or sentences.

It’s about how you sell their story to people.

It’s about how you can write a copy that will trigger in the reader’s mind that “Okay, this is what they do. Let me check it out”.

It’s about how you make readers part of brand’s story.

For all these to come in place, you have to practice, you have to start with writing shitty copies that no one will read. But, you have to keep writing and validating.

As David Perell Say,

So, now let’s see how you can actually start practicing and writing copies and most importantly validating that whether your writings are working or not.

In that way, you will be able to get an idea about, what’s working and what’s not.

Do you have a friend, who is starting an internet brand? If there isn’t one, find a friend from internet to connect with them, help them permissionlessly.

Ask him about their plans and story and help them with writing website copies, social posts, email drafts, newsletters.

There are local shops in everyone’s living areas. One of the thing I have observed they struggled with is communicating well with their customers.

In this situation, your writing can help them a lot and increase their sales rapidly.

As a copywriter, you have to learn to become great at scanning copies.

And, every time, we explore on internet, there are websites we come across that do not able to write clearly what they are selling or presenting.

You have to leverage these types of opportunities by writing copies for them and help them communicate well.

It doesn’t matter, what domain you pick, there are people who are a smarter than us. And, for us, that is a great advantage. Because, you can learn from their mistakes, experiences and most importantly from their works.

So, make a list of copywriters you admire. Find their works and rewrite them.

In the age we are living in, information abundance is a curse for us. We do not able to select what to consume and what not.

In that place, you have to act smartly and make a collection of copies, resources that will help you and someone else become a great copywriter.

This is how you can learn and practice writing clear and concise copies that will help brands communicate and sell.

That’s it for now. See you in the next blog :D



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