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Welcome Readers,

Today’s story about a guy who is building cool projects publicly, an indie hacker who love to share his knowledge and help the aspiring Individuals.

Felix currently working on ThreadStart, A Twitter Publishing SaaS built for content creators with a focus on Twitter threads.

Q. What’s that one thing you want to achieve in 2021?

A. I want to reach 5k MRR with ThreadStart until the end of the year.

Q. What’s that one thing you are most curious about?

A. “Where I can take this idea”. I almost finished all the features I initially had in mind. I thought it’ll take quite some time until I get there, but now I’ve added most of them in 3 months.

With all that in place I’m curious how much more is possible in this year. I don’t know exactly know what I’ll add to the tool, but I know in which direction I want to move: helping content creators.

Q. What’s the one mistake you have done and will advice others not to repeat that?

A. In the past my biggest mistake was overthinking & overengineering my ideas. Thinking I have to add this one little thing before I can launch or change this one part of the program to make it more scalable.

In all cases this led to shipping either much later than I should have or not shipping at all.

So my advice is: ALWAYS make tiny steps.

Think of the smallest version for your idea. Implement it in its most simple form. And only once it is out optimize it. This process leads faster to a big product, than aiming for a big product right away.

Q. Which book you are reading these days? Which Genre excites you the most?

A. I’m reading two at the moment: “Obviously Awesome” & “What if?

I always have two books ready, one work related and one to relax. The work related helps me improve business and myself, while the other one helps me relax and take my mind away from business.

Right now my favorite genres are Math / Space related books, that explain complex topics in easy words.

Q. How do you handle context switching?

A. It’s still a problem. What’s working best for me is having longer blocks during which I only focus on one thing. That can be a few days working on one thing, then switching to another project. But also within a project: have a developing block, marketing block etc.

Q. What do you love to do when not working? Any hobbies you want to share?

A. I love to either go for a long walk or a run every day. Other hobbies of mine are cooking & learning new things.

Cooking is basically programming with food, right? Splitting larger tasks into smaller ones and then doing them step by step. Haha.

Learning may sound odd, but I really enjoy finding out about new things, understanding how they work and building new skills.

Q. What problem you are planning to solve next?

A. I’m facing two problems:

Making ThreadStart profitable & helping my users succeed.

Luckily the solution for the first is in solving the second.

Q. What’s something you learnt/realized recently that you wish you learnt/realized much earlier?

A. That a lot of my ideas and assumptions are just that: assumptions. By shipping quickly and getting feedback from actual users, I can make sure I’m actually doing what I should be doing and that I do it in the right way. Iterating quickly should always include testing ones assumptions with the people using the software.

Q. What would you recommend others who are looking to start their careers in the startup/SaaS space on how to go about it?

A. Just start. Pick an idea. Really anything that’s interesting to them and just start. When a better idea comes along, it’s always possible to switch but creating is the best way to spark creativity in my experience. So starting to build is key.

Q. Suppose there is a big whiteboard in front of you. What’s the first line you would like to write?

A. Done is better than perfect.

Projects by Felix

  1. SaaSculator(https://saasculator.com/)

2. Up&Fast(https://www.upfast.app/)

3. ThreadStart(https://threadstart.io/)

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

Connect with Felix on Twitter: @scholz_felix

If you know anyone whose story must be shared like Felix, let me know anshu@kiwismedia.com.

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